Claude DUVAL – Founder and Director of EURÉCOLE
Jean-Christian DUVAL
– Managing Director
Marie-Dominique Lévy – Headmaster EURÉCOLE kindergarten and primary

Educational team


Students in kindergarten and elementary school at Eurécole are divided into 13 classes. They are supervised by thirteen class teachers, ten teachers of native languages of the country of the target language (English, Spanish, German), four sports teachers, a Latin teacher, an art teacher and a teacher of algebra, a English computer speaking teacher.
They are teachers from the National Education System and teachers with masters degrees such trainings in their field of expertise (history Bachelors literature DEA and Linguistics, Mathematics License, DEA in contemporary literature, sport science, etc …).
Every week a meeting of the teaching staff takes place as a whole to ensure better monitoring of our students. Moreover, twice a year, class councils are held to discuss the students while crossing pedagogical advice in order to set up a follow-up if necessary.

Caroline Dezutter – Pre-school Coordinator
Daniel Pourrias – Elementary School Coordinator
Heidi Tovstiga – English Coordinator
Birgit Wissel-Morice – Director of the Language Department – ☏ 01 40 70 09 20 – ✉ birgit.wissel@eurecole.com
Rosa Ana Ferriol-Llorens – Spanish Coordinator


Mary-Lisa Trufanow – Executive Assistant – ☏ 01 40 70 99 69 – ✉ assist.dir@eurecole.com
Barbara Bancalà – Accountant – ☏ 01 40 70 99 68 – ✉ comptabilite@eurecole.com
Bertrand Abrantes – Security, Facilities Maintenance – ☏ 01 40 70 12 81 – ✉ accueil@eurecole.com