Enroll your child in kindergarten or primary school

The EURECOLE nursery and elementary school accepts children of all nationalities.

Enrolment is possible throughout the year depending on the availability of places.

To enroll:

  • Please make an appointment with Daniel Pourrias, director of the EURÉCOLE nursery and elementary school.
  • The application form must be completed with all the elements you have (notes, exercises, report cards, written work, former teacher’s contact details…) in order to allow us to best prepare the evaluation of your child. Once completed, please send it to us by mail or e-mail. Please also provide us with the email address of the school where your child is enrolled.
  • An interview with the parents will be organized as soon as possible.
  • It is essential that at least one of the parents as well as the future student be present during this interview.
  • During this interview, your child will be evaluated according to his or her age in order to determine his or her level and the appropriate class.
  • The child’s admission to EURÉCOLE will be decided at the end of the interview with the parents.

If the child is admitted to EURÉCOLE, it will then be necessary to complete his or her registration file.

The registration file includes the following documents:

  • The registration form duly completed.
  • The registration fees.
  • A copy of the student’s birth certificate or, for children born in France, a copy of the livret de famille (if the family is of French nationality).
  • A copy of the passport.
  • A copy of the student’s medical file (vaccinations and specific problems)
  • Copies of the student’s last three school transcripts
  • 6 passport photos
  • Provide a cancellation certificate (public school) or an exeat (private school).
  • IBAN number.
FEES 2022/2023 Kindergarten Primary
Registration fees 625 € 625 €
Annual tuition 11 070 € 11 070 €
Lunch : Half-board 2 220 € 2 220 €
Lunch-box 990 € 990 €
 wednesday afternoon Workshops (3h) 1 755 € 1 755 €
After School workshops  (1h/week) 585 € 585 €

The school takes care of ordering all language books to make things easier. Language books are often only available from abroad. These are then invoiced  to each student’s family.

Fees and Conditions :

All fees are payable : for families according to the payment schedule on the annual invoice sent at the beginning of the school year. For companies and embassies upon receipt of the annual invoice.

Registration fees are non-refundable.

No reimbursement is possible once the school year has begun.

The down payment for re-enrolment for the next academic year is payable before mid-February.

Possibility of a sliding scale tariff on the tuition fees for families if siblings are enrolled concurrently (this does not apply when a company or embassy is paying).

Failure to meet payments on dates due gives the Administration the right to refuse a student’s admission to classes. Legal expenses covering fee recuperation will be added to unpaid bills.