After School

Evening workshops

Throughout the year we offer a program of extra-curricular activities in the evenings after school and on Wednesday afternoons in the form of workshops: Zumba in Spanish , plastic arts, computer coding, scientific experiments, yoga, music discovery workshops, judo or multisports. New workshops are added to our catalog each new school year.

In addition, free access to a study is organized after school: in kindergarten, children play and draw, in primary school, a qualified teacher helps them with their homework.

Wednesday Workshops and Events

Workshops are offered every Wednesday:

English workshop with Heidi and Tiffany from middle section to cm2. On the program, crafts, discovery of American and English traditions, history and geography, sciences, environment, all in English and in a playful way.

Art workshop with Rafaële: Through pictorial examples, our art teacher designs playful workshops around an exhibition in Paris, which allows her to introduce the children to the history of art but also to an artistic practice: painting, clay, 3D modeling, etc.

Multisports workshop: On Thursdays Christophe and Daniel organize games, by team, challenges to learn to be with others and do sports while having fun.

Events :

In English, Spanish and German, events are organized regularly.

Hemos adoptado un lince with the participation of WWF Spain WWF Espagne

With the NGO Meli Bees, a responsible of the association will come to explain to the children the actions that are made to help the inhabitants of Amazonia to save their heritage, in this case the bees. Meli Bees