After School

Evening workshops

Throughout the year we offer a program of extra-curricular activities in the evenings after school and on Wednesday afternoons in the form of workshops: theater in English, storytelling in Spanish, plastic arts, computer coding, scientific experiments, creation of video clips, judo or multisports. New workshops are added to our catalog each new school year.

In addition, free access to a study is organized after school: in kindergarten, children play and draw, in primary school, a qualified teacher helps them with their homework.

Holidays workshops

Intensive full-day and half-day language workshops are organized by the school during each school vacation period: October, February, spring, early July and late August.

  • Thematic English workshops (Halloween, American legends, Around the world…) for kindergarten and primary students.
  • Thematic Spanish workshops for kindergarten and elementary school students
  • FLE workshops for non-French speaking elementary school students
  • French and math tutoring workshops for Francophone students

The detailed program and registration form for these courses is given to all our students after each vacation period for the following vacation courses.