EURECAPE is the association of parents of EURECOLE students (kindergarten, primary).
Being a non-profit association, it is exclusively financed by the contributions of its members as well as by donations collected throughout the year.

Its contribution to the life of EURECOLE is of 3 kinds:

  • EURECAPE is a privileged interlocutor of the administrative and pedagogical team. The EURECOLE management maintains a permanent dialogue with the members of the EURECAPE board of directors. Together, they appoint the parent class representatives each year and organize regular work/information meetings in order to fluidify communication, parent-teacher-team.
  • EURECAPE participates in the constant expansion of the school’s educational program by organizing many festive events that punctuate the school life of the children: the Yearbook, the Christmas party, the dirty bake parties where the children come in disguise, the refreshments and musical entertainment for the Olympic Mornings, the decoration of the school for the many occasions, the purchase of educational material, the help for the end of year party …
  • EURECAPE is at the disposition of the parents of EURECOLE students. Thanks to the experience gained over the years, the association provides with information and advice through its parent delegates. Alongside the school, EURECAPE welcomes new parents at events such as the September Back-to-School Cocktail or the Open Doors Day.

EURECAPE is above all a team of volunteer parents who actively participate in the life and animation of EURECOLE.

If you have time to devote, knowledge to share or simply want to participate a little more in the life of the school, you will be welcomed with open arms!

Members of the EURECOLE Administrative Council for 2022-2023

Mme Anne-Marie Backx : Président
Mme Valéria Ould : Vice-Président
Mme Diana Chalfoun : Secretary
Mme Charlotte Nizard : Treasurer
Mme Yashmeen Brar et Mme Emilie Girault : Members of the board.


Former students of Eurecole often come back to see their former classmates or teachers.

Their attachment to the school is shown in the investment they make in it: some of them come to help with the show, the end-of-year party and/or other Eurecole events (accompanying and animating Olympic matinees), accompanying them on outings, attending school birthdays, etc.

An alumni association will be created very soon.

It will bring together former students and former teachers of the school throughout the world.

The objective will be to facilitate exchanges between former students, their teachers, but also current students and the educational team. It is also about helping our alumni to build up their professional life. EURÉCOLE now has a network of active alumni around the world.

Do not hesitate to consult this page regularly to keep up to date with the progress of this project.