Bilingual kindergarten

The EURECOLE Kindergarten offers children, from an early age, the opportunity to awaken and develop all their abilities through a bilingual curriculum provided by a French and English speaking educational team (English and French teachers, language teachers, certified sports teachers, kindergarten assistants) who follow the children during the three years leading up to primary school.

Several periods are devoted to fundamental learning: graphic design, pre-reading, pre-mathematics, awakening, and a large place is given to fine motor skills every day thanks to the artistic practice, especially support.

Through manual activities, songs and immersion in class life in both languages, kindergarten children are exposed to bilingualism while being active in their learning. A willingness to give priority to the oral language allows them to learn the language in an empirical way before they even have to study it.

The language classes, given from kindergarten onwards, are in accordance with the English, German, Spanish and American standards.

Foreign children also benefit from this dual curriculum. They benefit from the experience of our teachers in FLE (French as a Foreign Language), which allows them to integrate very quickly into the school and to acquire the French language through immersion and play with their classmates at the same time as the English language.

The learning of a third language (German or Spanish) is also offered to them in the form of games, songs, flash cards and stories read in these new languages.

Physical activity, development of motor skills, listening and respect for others are also taught during numerous sports education sessions throughout the day.

Students also benefit from long periods of recreation every morning and afternoon to stimulate socialization and physical activity.

From a very young age, we offer outings to our younger students. Even in small sections, even the kindergarten classes go to museums near the school to attend storytelling tours, workshops or plays. School outings are done by bus and parents are asked to accompany these moments of sharing around an artistic project which can also be in English or Spanish.

A kindergarten assistant follows the kindergarten students from the morning reception in the classroom, then at lunchtime and finally during the language classes so that the children – which is important in kindergarten – always have a referent throughout the day who can talk with the parents in the evening about the course of the day.

The kindergarten is composed of three years of schooling : Petite Section, Moyenne Section and Grande Section.