The primary: Reinforcing bilingualism

EURECOLE Primary provides a complete education in an international environment.

It continues the practice and reinforcement of the English language through daily practice with an average of 5 hours per week. This English curriculum is unique to EURÉCOLE, which has built its “English curriculum” internally thanks to the combined efforts of the English and French teams. It is obviously based on English and American standards but also on the long experience of our language teachers in international programs and in fact, it builds the learning of English from the kindergarden to the last year of Primary school.
While kindergarten lays the foundation for bilingualism, primary school continues and reinforces the knowledge acquired. Classes are built around two poles: study of the language (grammar, spelling, syntax, written expression, text analysis) and “English studies” which allow the student to communicate and speak through participatory projects: lectures, science project.

The oral practice of English, especially from an early age, allows for active acquisition of the language. The child must feel at ease and not have any blockage in speaking and communicating in a language that is not his or her own. After primary school, middle school and high school, whether French or international, will continue the study of the language in a more academic way. But the knowledge acquired will be very present because it will come from oral practice of English and the second living language learned at Eurecole.
The reinforcement of the language is also done through the events that we organize throughout the year: Spanish week, English day at school (during which all the staff, whether teachers, administrators, and students of course, must speak only in English) as well as visits to Parisian museums in the languages studied at the school.
Of course, newcomers to primary school are not forgotten because the teaching of English, like Spanish and German, is done through groups of levels, which allows for an integration by levels.

German and Spanish are taught during three one-hour periods per week and the child, whether beginner, advanced or bilingual, will easily find his or her place according to his or her level of knowledge of the language and will be able to change levels throughout his or her time at Eurecole and according to his or her level of acquisition. The language courses, given from kindergarten onwards, conform to English, German, Spanish and American standards.

Our students take the British Council, Cervantes Institute and Goethe Institute exams every year and pass them with 100% success.

The primary: Acquiring and strengthening the basics

The National Education program is not forgotten, as we are committed to maintaining the excellence of our results, which allow our students to enter public colleges with excellent reputations. French and mathematics are taught in groups of different levels through differentiated teaching, especially since our students come from different backgrounds.

We also work transversally with the other subjects because the English program, like the German and Spanish programs, supports and reinforces part of the French National Education program (science, history, geography, literature and written expression). Here again, we work as a pedagogical community since the teachers of sports, languages, French and art communicate to establish a program that takes into account different ways of understanding knowledge through their own subject. The two weekly meetings of the pedagogical team allow us to create a program based on multidisciplinarity and common projects. It is evolving according to the periods of the year and adapts to the themes that we choose whether it is a school, cycle or class project depending on the years, the current events or the themes that we wish to highlight.

This teaching is completed by school trips abroad but also in France in correlation with an educational project. It is accompanied throughout the year by outings/workshops in museums and the theater.

The elementary school welcomes children from 5/6 years old and includes 5 years of schooling.

Preparatory Class (CP):

children from 6 to 7 years old.

Elementary classes:

First year (CE1): children from 7 to 8 years old.
Second year (CE2): children from 8 to 9 years old.

Medium classes:

First year (CM1): children from 9 to 10 years old.
Second year (CM2): children from 10 to 11 years old.