English Curriculum at Eurécole

English at Eurécole:

from PS to CM2 Heidi Tovstiga is in charge of the English program at Eurécole from preschool to CM2. As English is taught in groups of levels, she has designed several programs for our beginners, intermediate and bilingual students: (EFL = English Foreign Language & EMT = English Mother Language).

English in Kindergarten

Kindergarten is bilingual: two teachers, one English-speaking and one French-speaking, share the teaching of these two classes and ensure that they progress in parallel. A concept seen in one language is reinforced in the other, especially since the teaching strategies are plural.

In Grande Section : English is taught for six hours. Math in English addresses counting, addition and subtraction, measurement (smaller, larger, position in space, comparisons, geometry and sequences. They are taught primarily through manipulatives (cubes, sticks) so that the child can play, experiment and appropriate the concepts involved.

The English language is taught around major themes that punctuate the school year (the seasons, the five senses, the water cycle, the plant cycle). This allows the children to discover their surroundings and to appropriate the English language by using it in everyday actions. English in kindergarten is taught for 45 minutes a day and three hours on Wednesday mornings. This morning of immersion allows the teaching team to have time to experiment, to use the gym to put the children in situations and to provide recess in this language, which improves the children’s communication.