Frohes Fest und viel Spaß ! in Eurecole

At Eurécole, promoting languages is an essential part of our curriculum. So we have decided to celebrate the languages taught at Eurécole over a whole week!

This year, during the German week, we will celebrate what is probably the most important time of the year: Christmas, when the whole family gets together and we will enjoy preparing  Christmas from the beginning of December.

We will discover the many traditions linked to Christmas, some of which, like the Advent Calendar, have been exported far beyond our borders!

In Austria and Germany, on the first Sunday of Advent, people start to decorate their house or apartment with tree branches, self-made objects such as transparent paper stars with which they decorate, for example, the windows. With the help of candles, a cosy and soft atmosphere is created in the house. The Advent wreath, a fir tree wreath with four candles, is placed on the table. Every Sunday an additional candle is lit. The pyramid of candles is also an essential decoration. Originating from the Erzgebirge, a region in the East, the pyramid works thanks to the hot air of the candles. The hot air brings it to life and makes it spin like a merry-go-round.

The gustatory pleasures will not be left out because we will taste delicious sweets. Often traditional cookies are made and enjoyed with family and friends. In class, we will be making marzipan in all colors and shapes, another specialty of the Christmas season.

It is fortunate that our week begins with December 6, Nikolaus Day. In Germany, Nicolaus has been around since the 12th century and is a reward for good children. This will not prevent Santa Claus from coming…! Nicolaus will come in person to Eurecole, he will visit the youngest to bring them sweets.

The older children will be introduced to the « Wichteln », a tradition of giving a self-made gift to a person in the class chosen by lottery.

We will also be making cloud and star mobiles and of course the traditional Christmas tree and window decorations.

We are pleased to be associated with the Goethe Institute who will welcome us in their courtyard where we will sing Christmas carols and who will open their cinema to us to watch a German film.

Finally, we will organize a rally through Germany to solve riddles and have adventures.

Frohes Fest und viel Spaß!