EURECOLE, founded in 1989 by Madame Claude DUVAL, is an international secular private school, located in the heart of the most sumptuous campus: Paris.

A French school

EURECOLE is a French school that provides education based on the National Education curriculum. It has two classes under contract (a CP-1st grade and a CE1-2nd grade) which are led by certified teachers from the French National Education system or trainee teachers. It offers a classical French curriculum, mathematics, history and sciences completed with art classes, informatics, and regular sports practice at the school’s gymnasium and at the municipal stadium of the 16th district.

EURECOLE is also a school that has managed to remain a family school: it has created an educational and inclusive community in which all families are welcomed and where parents-children teachers interaction is fundamental.  Each student is personally known by all those involved (French teachers, languages teachers, art and sports teachers) thanks to weekly pedagogical meetings that allow the teaching team to share their opinion on the child in all areas and to draw the consequences and actions to best support him/her. Throughout the child’s schooling, within the school, a warm and attentive follow-up is provided throughout his or her journey.

An international school

EURECOLE is an international school. Forty nationalities are represented. It provides its students with the learning of three languages from their bilingual mother tongue (French-English) with the addition of an additional language: German or Spanish.

Our “English curriculum” accompanies the child from bilingual kindergarten to primary school where English is consolidated through an academic curriculum (grammar, conjugation, literature, civilization, language study) and another in which the child’s participation is encouraged around “English studies” (history, geography, English Litterature). In the latter, the student is led to create projects, presentations and work in teams in order to consolidate his or her communication in English so that it becomes natural.

Pupils from outside the school who arrive during the cycle are not overlooked because they are easily welcomed and integrated through the application of a differentiated pedagogy, language level groups and individualized follow-up, which are promoted by limited class sizes.

EURECOLE welcomes all allophone children because it has developed a specific program proposed to non-French-speaking students to help them adapt to their language and schooling: each student benefits from private French lessons given by a “tutor” teacher in close collaboration with the main teacher.

The discovery of cultures is therefore at the heart of our educational project which is built around the interaction of our students and their families who willingly participate in our events: Spanish weeks, English bake sale and German lantern festivals to name a few.  Our educational project is also complemented by monthly excursions, partnerships with museums around school projects and organized language trips in the UK and throughout Europe (Italy, Greece, Spain…).

EURECOLE has been recognized for more than 30 years for its ability to train well-rounded children of a very good level who then go on to enter the best colleges in France and abroad.


Claude Duval – Director and Founder of EURECOLE
Jean-Christian Duval – Chief Executive Officer
Daniel Pourrias – Director EURECOLE Maternelle et Primaire

Pedagogical team

Laurence Gastaldi – Contract Class Director
Birgit Wissel-Morice – Language Director
Heidi Tovstiga – Head of the English Curriculum


Mary-Lisa Trufanow – Executive Assistant
Barbara Bancalà – Accountant
Richard Befayt  – Surveillant Général