Eurécole offers a program enriched by the addition of languages: German, Spanish, Frenchfor foreign students (FLE), and especially English.

In English, the teaching is completely bilingual for our preschoolers. In primary school, students benefit from 5 to 6 hours of weekly instruction where speaking is emphasized.

German and Spanish courses allow our students to learn a second language and enable all our students to discover these two cultures.

Eurécole also offers the French as a Foreign Language program, which involves teaching the French language to non-French speakers.


At Eurécole, our goal is to open our students to the world. To achieve this, we share the cultures of all our students through celebrations of the nationalities present at the school, educational projects, and even through meals in the cafeteria, where they discover the cuisineof these different countries.

We use languages to address social and everyday topics. At Eurécole, speaking is essential: a language is primarily made for talking, for communicating. We organize school outings, such as bilingual trips to the theater and museums, art and theater workshops in English. Finally, we also have partnerships with other internationally oriented structures to develop our students culture.


Regular outings centered around sports are organized at Eurécole. These include Olympic mornings, meetings with athletes, discussions about differently-abled sports, school outings to discover high-level sports, and end-of-year trips focused on a particular sport.

For this purpose, three teachers are dedicated full-time across both establishments to sports practice. One week per year is devoted to less well- known sports, and another week is focused on preschoolers to introduce them to different sports. For the preschool, a gymnasium allows our youngest students to engage in sports through motor skills courses, dance, and team games.