100% success rate and 88% distinction rate at the 2023 diploma exam, with over 50% of students being non-Francophones.

To Register

– The Principal meets with the parents and the student by appointment (a video interview is possible for families living abroad).

– The student’s application is reviewed by the administration (copy of the last six report cards, any language certifications, recommendation letters, or any other documents that enhance the application or help to better understand the student’s personality).

– Depending on their application and to verify the acquisition of knowledge, the student may be invited to take placement tests appropriate to their level in French or French as a Foreign Language, English, Mathematics, and/or General Culture (Science and History-Geography);

– Non-Francophone students will take all tests in English.

– After a careful review of the application, a provisional response will be given to the family, which they must confirm by completing the registration formalities.

Registration File

– Completed registration form

– Copy of the birth certificate or, for students born in France, a copy of the family record book

– Photocopy of the passport

– A certificate of removal (public school) or an exeat (private school)

– A copy of the student's medical record (vaccinations and any health issues)

– Copy of the last three report cards

– 6 passport-size photos

– Bank Account Details (R.I.B)



Middle School

11 860 €


– Registration Fee: €650


– Half-board: €2,310
– Meal basket: €1,035

– Extracurricular activities – Wednesday afternoon (3h): €1,791

– Extracurricular activities – evening (1h): €597

– Advance payment for re-enrolement : €1,186

Payment of annual fees :

– For families : Payable in three installments on the due dates indicated on the annual invoice sent at the beginning of the school year.

– For companies or embassies : Payable in a single installment upon receipt of the invoice.

– Cancellation Policy : Registration fees are non-refundable once paid to the school. Once the school year has started, it is payable in full.

– Re-enrollment : Deposit for re-enrollment for the following year must be paid before mid-February.

– Discount Policy : A decreasing rate is applied to tuition fees for families enrolling
two or more siblings (does not apply to payments made by
companies, relocation agencies, or embassies).

– Non-payment : If an invoice is not paid, the school reserves the right to refuse the student’s attendance in class. Additionally, all recovery costs incurred will be charged to the parents.