A French and international school

English, Spanish, German

Taught from Nursery to 9th grade

Extracurricular workshops and cultural field trips.



Our bilingual kindergarten, supervised by two teachers – one francophone and one anglophone – allows children to acquire both languages by immersion through games, activities, songs and learning to live together.



In primary school, English is reinforced academically and through Social Studies classes. The fundamentals of the French National Education program also reinforce this dual international and French education.



Originally European, Eurécole is open to the world through the learning of three languages: English, Spanish and German. Our native speaking teachers, through fun lessons and activities, have at heart to help students discover the culture of their home countries.


After School

After school and on Wednesday afternoons, we offer workshops: English language theater, Science, Arts and Crafts and Multisport. During the first week of school breaks, one-week English/Sport, English/French/German/Spanish/German/Multi-sport workshops are offered.