EURÉCOLE is an international private trilingual school in Paris welcoming students from preschool to middle school of various nationalities.

Located in Paris, it has been offering education in three languages since 1989 from an early
age, with English taught in level-specific groups with a choice of either German or Spanish.
The primary goal of Eurécole teachers is to guide their students towards becoming future global citizens.

The learning curriculum is centered on language use, exploring different cultures, and
engaging in sports, all within a family-like atmosphere focused on student well-being.

Discover the world of the Eurécole Group and its history.


Eurécole supports children from preschool to middle school, including primary school.
Therefore, Eurécole offers a private and secular alternative to public education, preparing
youngsters for higher levels of international schools. Language instruction begins from a very young age, and our non-native French-speaking students can benefit from French as a Foreign Language (FLE) courses to integrate into our classes with diverse nationalities.
From preschool to middle school, Eurécole places languages, cultural exchange, and sports at the heart of its pedagogy, aiming to best prepare future global citizens. Unlike international bilingual schools, Eurécole uniquely focuses on teaching three languages, providing daily support and guidance to the children.

SINCE 1989

Eurécole was founded in 1989 by Madame Duval, a former child psychologist and the former principal of a bilingual school. Highly active in the field of education, she has always implemented educational concepts that were important to her. Her strong inclination for innovation led her to develop a curriculum in which languages, the French national education program, as well as art and sports, not to mention the understanding of other cultures, form a coherent and innovative body of knowledge. After founding Eurécole, with the intention of creating an education focused on Europe and international perspectives, she contributed to the establishment of CFPP Eurécole, which trains teachers in the private sector, and IFM Eurécole dedicated to training in specialized education. With these values of commitment and the triptych of culture, languages, and sports, Eurécole continues to grow, driven by a dynamic and dedicated team for the balance and education of future global citizens.


Discover Eurécole and its educational project. Attend a webinar presented by the director of each institution, before coming to visit!

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