The life of an international school like Eurécole is punctuated by various events. 

Our English Spanish German Bake Sale

Our bake sale which celebrates the languages taught at Eurécole, English, Spanish and German. So our gym is decorated with the colors of Halloween, dias de los muertos and Erntedankfest. This event, in addition to celebrating the three languages taught at Eurécole, also allows us to celebrate the 40 nationalities present in our school since the parents make cakes, specialities of their different countries. It is also an opportunity for Eurécape, our parents’ association, to create links with parents and newcomers to the school.

The school project of Eurécole: ecology, sustainable development.

This year, the children of Eurécole and the teaching team have mobilized around this vast project and this question which is becoming more and more important. In Spanish, with the help of the Spanish WWF association, the children adopted a lynx and became aware of the dangers of global warming which can endanger species. As for the English team, it brought in an association that works in the Amazon and teaches local populations how to raise bees and make honey, and especially how to fight against the mining companies that are ravaging the country. During this presentation, the students of the Eurécole College joined the students of cycle 3 in order to exchange also with the speaker. The French team is associated with Romain Pillard and his project to compete in the Route du Rhum on a boat whose materials have been reused (sail, mast, hull). To continue, Eurécole is collecting plastic caps and will contact an association to have bottles made of recycled materials so that the children do not use plastic bottles anymore.

Pink Day

Once again Eurécole organized the Pink Day, a day to raise awareness among the children about bullying, living together and difference. Whether in our bilingual kindergarten or in primary school, in English, German or Spanish classes, or during sports, the whole team reminded the children through drawing workshops and games of the importance of listening to each other and learning to know and respect each other. The Collège Eurécole was not to be outdone, as the third grade students, accompanied by their Spanish teachers, came to present the short film they had made about harassment, all in Spanish. They answered and exchanged with the CM1 and CM2 students in English and Spanish.

Sport: a fundamental element of the Eurécole educational project.

The primary students were able to discover with the sports team football-bulleys, climbing, jumping and surfing in the gym. In addition, the students of the third cycle as well as the 6th and 5th grades of the Eurécole middle school will participate in a common field day based on team games, a sports course and an afternoon on the ice of the skating rink.