Objective brevet

The 9th Grade , which concludes cycle 4 (7th, 8th, 9th grade), is an important transition for pupils, from the beginning of the first trimester students start to prepare for their final exam (a decisive exam for their school record) ; whilst anticipating throughout the school year what awaits them in high school and in higher education.

Intensive preparation for the Brevet

1h30 mock exams (rotation of subjects) fortnightly on Wednesday afternoons in Perf’ Brevet.
Three Mock Brevets (all subjects distributed over two days under exam conditions) in November,
February and May.
100% success rate in the Brevet exam
100% success rate in the Rectorat exam

Career guidance – Discovering the business world

Students are required to do a mandatory internship in a company for one week in December in order to familiarise oneself with the professional world. The internship report leads to a speaking exercise: they defend their report in front of a jury of teachers and an audience made up of students from different classes. This exercise prepares them as well for the oral exam of the French Baccalaureate.
The weekly guidance class enables students to refine their career choices and answer any questions they may have. The choice of options in the second year of highschool is strategic. We help them plan their future path throughout the school year, whilst taking into account the complexity of the current professional world and respecting their wishes and those of their parents.
In conjunction with school guidance, a meeting is held with a professional guidance counsellor from the firm Fabert from October to support parents in the different stages of the school registration process. We also suggest that parents of 8th graders take part in a similar meeting to anticipate their child’s career choices. Families also have the opportunity to make individual appointments to refine their child’s projects in order to find the establishment curated to their expectations and profile of their child.