After-school workshops

Eurecole offers a variety of year-round extracurricular activities in our after-school program. These include:

Study Time – After a snack , a qualified teacher helps primary students with their homework, while kindergarten children play, read and draw together.
Workshops – Zumba in Spanish, music in German, judo, chess, sculptures, coding, and
yoga. (Workshops vary from year to year.)

Wednesday workshops

English Workshop
Wednesday English workshops are fun-filled afternoons of learning English with qualified EMT (English Mother Tongue) teachers. Children learn a language best when immersed in an environment where this language is the principal means for communication. Children have a wonderful time as they practice English without realizing it. Each Wednesday is centred around a theme. Children get to be creative and gain confidence as they sing songs, listen to stories, do arts and crafts, history or science projects.

Art Workshop
The Wednesday Art workshop is designed to introduce children to the wonderful world of art. Our art teacher designs exciting and fun workshops centring around exhibitions in Paris. They children are not only introduced to the history of a specific art but are given the opportunity to create their own art pieces whether painting, 3D modelling, sculpturing or drawing.

Sports Workshop
The Wednesday Sports workshop introduces children to different sports. Our incredible sports teachers bring sports to life with team games and activities. The children not only learn how to get along with others, but also build skills and gain confidence as they further develop their individual abilities.


Special Events are organized year round by the different language teachers. These special days are designed to introduce children to different aspects of our beautiful and diverse world. In a visual and interactive way children discover a little of the history, geography, culture and folklore of unique places in our world. Each year new events are organized. In the past the children have participated in and experienced wonderful and informative days such as:

The adoption of a lynx – “Hemos adoptado un lince” with the participation of WWF Spain. Flamenco Dance – the children watched and practiced with the visiting flamenco dancers The importance of bees – The founder of the NGO “Meli Bees” talked about the importance of the indigenous tribes in the Amazon working with bees. Thanksgiving Day – an introduction to this important North American tradition Introduction to literature – the proximity of the Goethe Institute enables us to organize readings, visit exhibitions and introduce the children to German authors. Mozart Day – the children listened and danced to the wonderful works of Mozart Major Races – Navigators who take part in major races such as the Route du Rhum and the Vendée Globe are in contact with our students every year. These people inspire the students and make them aware of the importance of our environment. In addition, regular events such as bake sales, sports week, Olympic days, fairs and school trips are organized throughout the school year.