Training centre for education professionals

The Centre of Private Pedagogical Training Eurécole (le centre de formation pédagogique privée) was set up in February 1990 to meet a specific need: train school teachers to teach in under-contract private secular establishments (international schools, bilingual schools, schools with new teaching methods, specialised teaching, etc.).

In a few words, CFPP Eurécole is a training centre for education professionals . For more than 30 years, we have been training teachers in under-contract secular public schools, from preparation for the CRPE exam to career-long training.

3 formules pour vous préparer au CRPE 2024


Online Teaching platform – videoconferencing + Mock exams (written & oral) + In-school
training internships available

Semi- In person

Online teaching platform – videoconferencing + four revision sessions at our training centre in


Mock examens (written & oral) + One-to-one support with a trainer-tutor

Training to become a school teacher and CRPE

School teachers can teach all levels of primary education, from nursery school to the end of primary school. The primary level is essential for imparting fundamental knowledge and building children’s development, self-fulfilment and academic success. The school teacher sets out the building blocks of progression for his or her pupils, helping them to acquire knowledge and independence. This profession requires a reflective and creative commitment, knowing how to adapt to the needs of students. It also requires a strong sense of human connection and teamwork.

The exams

Passing the recruitment exams for school teachers (Concours de Recrutement des Professeurs des Écoles – CRPE) is the first step towards becoming a titular professor. This exam assesses the quality of the candidate’s knowledge and professional skills, as well as their ability to practise their profession responsibly, ethically and autonomously.

Professional skills related to the business context

– Psychology of learning
– Inclusive education
– Knowledge of the system
– Innovative teaching methods

– Internships in under contract secular private schools

– Observation internship
– Accompanied practice internship – inFrance or abroad

– Our courses available for 2023/2024

– Training for school headmasters
– Training for PES tutors
– Classroom layout in nursery and elementary
schools: the key to high-quality knowledge
– NEW 2023: Helping teachers prepare for the
start of the new school year