We take the role of class representatives very seriously, as they are fully involved in school life. Each class will elect two representatives.

At the end of September, once the pupils know each other well enough, an election campaign week is organised within each class. Each candidate will put forward his or her proposals for the class, and prepare a bilingual French-English speech to convince all his or her French and English-speaking classmates.

The class representatives and their alternate representatives play an active role in school life, for example, defining the weekly menus with the director of the school. They are the key intermediates to relay information and discuss with the school director and the teaching staff, and they ensure the well-being of their class taking into account the diversity of opinions and sensitivities of one another.


An entity,made up of a president, secretary and treasurer elected by all the school’s students, is renewed annually in October. The candidates prepare a campaign in French and English inclusive of all age groups, with annual projects and broad guidelines, which will be presented in front of all the school’s students.

Meetings are held each week, usually on Thursdays during the lunch break. These meetings are open to all pupils at the school, on a voluntary basis, from 6th grade to 9th grade. Discussions are held in French and English, so that all pupils in the school can express themselves. A teacher supervises and assists the students in coordinating their activities.


The Student Council manages and organises some of the school’s events and festivities. Students learn how to set up projects, calculate their costs, and organise and run events to raise funds to finance their actions and projects. In addition to festive events, the student council is also a driving force in the organisation of humanitarian and environmental protection campaigns (waste sorting, energy saving, recycling ) to raise awareness of current and future challenges.
Festive events: Halloween; Christmas; Epiphany and the “galette des rois” ; Friendship day; Carnaval

Participation in organisation of various entities : Mentorship of 6th form students; Integration trip; Cultural outings; Trips abroad; End-of-year outing; End-of-year Promball; Graduation ceremony; Language certificate ceremony

Humanitarian projects :
Collecting and donating hygiene products for Ukrainian refugees
Collecting and donating toys (Père Noël verts Secours Populaire )
Collecting and donating school supplies for Gunsa middle school (Nepal)
Collecting and donating school books and dictionaries (Philippines)