L’organisation de l’école adapté au bien-être des enfants

At Eurecole, our vision for every child is that they will have the best possible learning opportunities and experiences as they progress from nursery through primary school. At the heart of our school is the well-being of every child.

Children are welcomed by staff members in the morning and supervised until the school day begins. During the day they enjoy regular outdoor breaks on the rooftop terrace or in the park. Playing here daily, they learn to respect boundaries and to make decisions about keeping themselves and others safe. Thanks to the many different nationalities present in our school, children easily find friends or a tutor who speaks their own language helping them integrate and become part of school life. In addition, nursery children enjoy designated gym classes, nap and library time to ensure a well-rounded day.

Eurecole has signed a partnership agreement with “Hop, on y va!”, a highly reputable and reliable school shuttle service to make the door-to-door commute to and from school easier.

The canteen is an important place for our children. Here they don’t just eat, but learn about delicious tastes, well-balanced meals, and the simple joy of sharing a meal together.

Nutritious meals are prepared on site by our canteen chef who is inspired by the different cuisines of the world. Depending on the countries featured at school events, a dish or menu is prepared to introduce the children to different foods from around the world.
Once a week, our chef prepares a vegetarian meal. Our chef knows the importance of well-balanced meals that provide the children with energy to concentrate, learn and play throughout the day.


Regular and varied sports sessions

Group activities in several languages to discover the cultures of other classmates.